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Sunday, 10 April 2011

Readers Write...

In 2007, a Mr Arif, a senior diplomat(polite way of describing him) representing that most vicious and medieval regime, Iran, decided to approach Cllr Moylan's pet committee, the Public Arts Advisory Scheme. Arif has continuously praised this Committee and the Council for being incredibly helpful to his vile regime.

Arif  had a brilliant idea. Why not curry favour with the egocentric Daniel Moylan by seeking his advice as to where to place their hideous pieces of modern art?  Also looming, the possibility that the 'experts' on Moylan's Stalinist-like sounding committee would be flattered by the approach. It might even ensure the Council looked kindly upon attempts to build their monstrous and ugly new embassy in our midst. Despite the best efforts of RBK&C to ease the application through, it was halted by Mira Bar Hillel and watchful residents.

A committee peopled by the likes of Cllrs Moylan, Holt and O'Neill should  have been revolted by the idea of  being greased up to by the dreadful Arif-a man whose duty it is to justify the strangling to death of gay people and the stoning of woman. And let's not even talk about shooting of students thirsting for freedom.

Instead they were all over Arif in the most sycophantic way.

Anyway how odd that Messrs Moylan and Holt would wish to have anything do with these people, whose nations declared intentions on neighbouring countries and human rights of their own populace let alone others are at best, barbaric and medieval.

But what I want an explanation on why £811 of borough money was used to pay for a flight to Tehran, in Iran? Why would you and I-taxpayers of this Borough- be expected to pick up the cost of an airfare to Iran? Who went on this trip..and why? 



  1. did Downes have permission from Moylan-he might think it defames him: sensitive soul that he is


    In the same year that Moylan and Holt were conferring with an IRI 'diplomat this brutal hanging of 5 young men took place.
    If you have the stomach to watch you will see that it took 15 minutes of agonising strangulation before they expired.
    And our councillors thought it was right to meet up and discuss civilising sculpture. Messrs Moylan and Holt you should be hanging your heads in shame! How dare you consort and assist these barbarians.
    No gay resident should vote for Moylan or Holt. They are a disgrace.


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