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Thursday, 14 April 2011

Full of Life gets reprieve...

Congratulations to Full of Life. The persistent lobbying of the Redmonds, parents and residents ashamed by the  mean mindedness of the council has won the day. 

But it should never have been allowed to come to this.

Full of Life is a real example of the Big Society. 

The Dame will be coming soon to visit.


  1. This is fantastic news.

    But how sad that it requires the Dame to campaign in order to point out to the tired leadership of Hornton Street that poor children are more important than the £7 million a year pavement renewal programme and imported pink marble from China to make Exhibition Road more beautiful

    Shame on Cockell and ermin clad Ritchie

  2. Great news! This should never, as the
    Dame says have reached this point. Well done to the Dame and to everyone who supported Full of Life. There is nothing like a Dame!

  3. Wonderful news! Fantastic that Full of Life can now get on with the work they're best at which is putting all their energies into looking after the kids and not having to worry needlessly about losing their building. This should never have happened and vulnerable charities like them need protecting and supporting. All strength to them!

  4. Re first comment. Trouble is the rotten borough has no concept of shame. When it belatedly acts properly like this, it's the result of a calculation of its own self-interest. It's high time we the people got the message across to the cockle flavoured cheesecakes in Hornton street that anger is growing stronger every day. Long live The Hornet.


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