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Tuesday, 26 April 2011

That'll do Nicely...

As the Dame previously reported, file containing purchases of over £500 charged to the RBKC Council Credit Card by employees considered of the grade to entitle them to have one, plus Councillors; has landed in her possession.

She already has disclosed to you the cost of "stationery" for the last three months charged to the card being over £12,000 (although none of you had it right....)

In a very short time you will get to see the full list, despite the objections from the Royally Rotten Borough to prevent publication of who actually spent what as they refused to indicate on the file a full list of names.

What possibly is there to hide?

In the meantime Dear Reader, what do you think is the odd one out from this list, as in a red herring, something that wasn't charged....

   (A)  Return flights to Nepal
   (B)  Four Apple Mac Desktop Computers
   (C)  Orthodontic dental treatment
   (D)  Two Samsung Q1 Ultra-Thin Personal Computers

Answers on a postcode (click "Post Comment" to enter).

It isn't a trick question, three of the above are definitely charged to the council credit card, one is most definitely incorrect, only which one?

There is a prize for the first correct answer, and unfortunately it isn't a RBKC Credit Card of your own!


  1. It has to be D.

  2. It must be (B) - when it comes to Macs and PCs I cannot think of anyone at RBKC that could possibly be described as a Mac.

  3. I'll say C, 'cos so utterly outrageous!

  4. I want to say (C) but knowing you its probably not right, so will go for (A)

  5. Is it all four again?

  6. Anon(14.36)

    Read the question. I say its not a trick question, there is one of them that is wrong.


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