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Friday, 1 April 2011

All this BS talk...

'It seems Mr Eric Pickles has been taking lessons in aggravation from the mistress of the art, Dame Hornet.
As if the competition between the potential tri-borough partners was not bad enough already ... he is allegedly about to set them a task and it's 'winner takes all'.
Hot on the heels of the government announcement that the Arts and Humanities Research Council will only get their funding if they carry out research into the Big Society, Mr Pickles has ordained that the three Councils must set senior officers the task of coming up with the best Big Society project and how they would commission, organise and publicise it.
The prize is a whacking great £10m to the winning Council to be used in their Big Society project. It is said that all three Leaders are determined to be the winners and are putting their top teams onto the task.
Results in July. Any guesses who will win?'


  1. Oh but this is too easy by far. We already have the Ambassador of BS living in the borough and he is talking about people taking over the libraries. We're well ahead of the game.

    £10m would come in handy to keep them going, let's hope the young man concerned is already onto it. It's all but won already!

  2. This seems an excellent scheme but the 'prize' of £10m is far too high. To incentivise business and enterprise it is much more effective to use 'sticks not carrots'. This has been proved again and again and as a business leader of many years experience I can tell you the incentive of 'loss' is a great spur to the creative process.

    Just to put my view before the usual drivellers spout their nonsense.

  3. Cllr Emma Dent Coad1 April 2011 at 11:57

    Very funny, quite clever for a change.

    You nearly had me there.

  4. Ambassador of BS - is that "Big society" or "bovine scatology"?

  5. I know of whom I speak; pun intentional.


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