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Thursday, 14 April 2011

Palmergate... Update 4

On Wednesday 13th April the Initial Assessment Sub Committee comprising disgraced ex Mayor Phelps's old friends 80 year old Jennifer Ware and Sophia Lambert (Lambert worked in African Affairs with greedy Cheesecake Eater Moylan) met up to decide what to do about a complaint made by Justin Downes concerning Cllr Palmer's failure to register his interest in Also to consider was his abuse of council facilities to promote it. 

It should be a no brainer:he broke the rules and there are several emails to prove it. 

It will be hilarious if he is sent for training for this is what his little company claims to do! Let's hope that the Committee do the right thing and refer it to the Standards Committee.  It might be difficult as the three members are remarkably entangled with the leadership of RBKC so impartiality might be a real struggle...

At the time of the last Standards Committee complaint against the awful Phelps he showed his gratitude for her friendship by giving her a wild embrace. Yes, I know-not a pretty sight. Anyway we understand Simon Heffer is watching the outcome of this one with interest. He was unamused by Sir Cockle calling to whine to him during his weekend not so long ago...  


  1. Up until now the Standards Committee has been a joke. A creature of Cockell's fiefdom.

    Have they learnt how to be impartial yet? We will see

  2. Interesting. The proposed Localism Bill hopes to remove the Code of Conduct and Standards Committees. But it would replace these with a clause making failure to register or declare interests without reasonable excuse A CRIMINAL OFFENCE.

    Look out for a flurry of updates to Members' Registers of Interest.


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