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Monday, 4 April 2011

Daily Mail Offerings

Celebrated Daily Mail columnist Andrew Pierce is a devoted follower of The Dame. As the Dame sat enjoying her early morning toast and honey she was drawn to the below. She hopes Mr Pickles and Mr Shapps reads how Sir Cockle and the Cheesecake Eater Cllr 'don't defame me' Moylan are 'avin a larf at their on Dear Reader but remember you read it first in the Hornet. If you are an RBKC cllr you won't see it on the press cutting circulation: Dear Leader censors such comment.....


As Cabinet minister Eric Pickles fights to cut council leaders’ fat-cat pay packages, he’s taking advice from Tory-controlled Kensington and Chelsea Council.

But close study of official documents suggest the council itself could benefit from a bit of belt-tightening.

It has allocated £800,000 from its ‘ceremonials’ budget for the provision of ruffs, silk coats, salaries and pensions for a civic officer; a mace bearer; two assistant macebearers; a chauffeur and a £120,000, V50,000cc Bentley as the official council car.


  1. This is just disgusting given the amount of cuts and where they are directed. It literally makes me feel sick.

  2. RBKC is able to afford £800,000 to support the Mayor in suitable grandeur. Yet when the Salvation Army in Portobello recently requested a small grant for equipment for a children's play group, RBKC turned it down. "Not a good time!" was the response. One sympathises with the Town Hall. This is a 4 star Council. Public funds are for cheesecake & Bentleys; not children!

  3. What is the source of this information about £800k every year for the Mayor and ceremonials? It cannot be true.

    Dame, please check your sources. The Hornet is informative and doing a great service to democracy in Kensington & Chelsea. But this scale of spending in the middle of a recession is not believable.

    £1 million a year from tax payers to pay for Holland Park singing is the height of frippery. But another £800k on top of this for Gilbert and Sullivan??

  4. Sad to say it is in the published documentation. I think the exact figure cited was £770k or thereabouts


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