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Monday, 4 April 2011

Going BAPpy over Tribal....

Tribal plc is a major winner in obtaining contracts from the Rotten Borough. In the past 3 years or so it has managed to generate hefty revenues-in fact, nearly £1 million worth of fees !!

Interestingly Tribal Plc also gave a large donation to a mysterious organisation - the British American Project. What is so wrong with that you might ask? Well nothing one supposes.....unless, of course, there is a triangular link between Tribal, The British American Project and a Council client.

Councillor Merrick Cockell is a Fellow of the British American Project: he is also the Cabinet Member who signed off a £100,000 plus contract for the supply of a Central Pupil Database System provided by Tribal.

Now we assume that being an important fellow, as well as being a Fellow of the British American Project (BAP) he would have been aware of the largesse of Tribal in supporting BAP. He would also have been aware that his fellow Cabinet colleagues Cllr Moylan and Lightfoot were also Fellows of this secretive organisation.

Cockell endlessly bleats on about transparency but surely he must have known of the triangular relationship, and thus the need to be thoroughly open about his connection to BAP and hence Tribal. 

According to Town Hall sources....

"The only contract with Tribal requiring approval from a Cabinet Member was for the Central Pupil Database System which was signed off by the Leader of the Council"

Oh dear. 

Conflict of interests?  Failure to declare?

Over to you Mr Myers...


  1. Is this the same Tribal consultancy that did "free" work for Cockell when he asked them to headhunt candidates for the K&C council?

    Using headhunters to find council candidates was an abominable attack on democracy and castration for Ward Chairmen. Cockell was consolidating his grip on power in our Borough. Now we are hearing that he was also scratching the back of his friends, who in turn tickle him in a different place.....

    What a rats nest.

    And I keep hearing stories that Hornton Street and the "in" crowd are a bunch of Masons, stretching out to give business to other Masons

    What is going on? Why will no one rid us of this menace?

  2. It is. So had Tribal found candidates who subsequently won seats, the Council would have been filled with Tribal inclined councillors. Do you understand nothing, Merrick Cockell?
    Your plan would have caused a distortion of democracy

  3. Ah good: conspiracy theories! Who can be next? Rosicrucians? Zionists? I think we should be told!

  4. 07:31
    So you feel giving out hefty contracts to organisations you have a strong connection with is acceptable.
    What can one say? I suspect alluding to conspiracy theories might just be a neat diversionary tactic.
    I thought 'jobs for the boys' went out years ago, but clearly not on RBKC!
    If you want to engage show a little courage: come out from the shadows...

  5. 07.31
    Oh good Driveller No 1 is back. Now Driveller's assistant can take a well-earned rest. Go for it No 1, you are our favourite antagonist.

    Oh but aren't you supposed to be taking a low profile until after Standards Cttee? Don't worry, the boss won't notice.

  6. The parents have just heard that Full of Life can stay at Exmoor Street, this is great news for us.


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