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Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Readers Write...


Dear Dame Hornet

When I first start reading the Hornet at the end of last year there were 28,000 on the counter. As you are on the cusp of hitting 50,000 you must be feeling very proud. Congratulations on being there for us residents-of all political hues.

I am one of your most loyal readers and I thought I would drop you a line congratulating you on the extraordinary success of  the Hornet's Nest.

For years we residents had no way of expressing our dismay at the undemocratic ways of this Council.
'Consultation' involved biased and manipulated surveys amongst residents to ensure that the Council got the feedback that allowed them to make all sorts of spurious claims of resident support.

The local paper dare not criticise the Council for fear of losing advertising revenue, and being a Conservative borough, most of us felt disinclined to 'upset the applecart' even though we knew that Councillors Cockell and Moylan had usurped the power we had vested in them to suit their own personal agendas.

When I read Cllr Moylan's email to Justin Downes I found it incredible that a councillor can use his power to bully and threaten. I have heard about Residents First. I think many of us would support a resident focused alternative. 

There are some honourable exceptions but most of the councillors would be of more use on a sheep farm, for most do nothing but obediently follow the dictates of the duopoly that is Cllr Cockell and Moylan.

I am a Conservative but I have no problem voting for a Residents First candidate: it will give some political balance.

Best wishes
Long time  Resident


  1. Ah so sweet, thanks Anon,

    Couldnt have done it without you!


  2. It's about time local residents were told what is happening to their money. Thank you hornets nest, just wish more people knew about you, local paper completely useless.

  3. Well done Hornet!

    Helped by the modern technology of the Internet you are serving residents by re introducing democracy to our Borough and creating an honest awareness of how the Town Hall is too often using our money in a profligate way and for personal gain


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