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Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Palmergate.... Update #5 "Told you so"

When you are elected to council you have to declare any businesses interests on a form the council give you. The councillor signs the form and agrees to update it within 28 days of the information contained within it being out of date.

The Code of Conduct, that is required by law sets out what is expected of a councillor. They must be objective, respectful and of course state their interests, both financially and business interests.

Justin Downs of Residents First complained following Hornets revelation Palmer is running a business training staff and members of local authorities, but failed to declare it on his interests form, and how he used the facilities at the town hall to run this private business.

As is the usual procedure the complaint is considered by an interim committee to see if it is deemed serious enough to go to the full on Standards Committee, as Hornet reported in an earlier update.

Well, the Initial Assessment Sub-Committee have decided it doesn't, despite it being a breach of the councillor code and a failure to disclose as required by law.

Nothing surprises Hornet anymore.

As one councillor wrote to Hornet whom shall not be named, the committee is toothless and manned by old bats who simply do what is required to keep the powers that be happy.

No doubt if it was a member of the opposition in the dock the full weight of the Standards Board would be applied.

So Palmer will get let off with a smack on the wrist.

Next time Clouseau....   its just a matter of time.


  1. If the Dame is right(and she generally is with all her info sources)then it shows how richly this corrupt borough deserves the title of the 'Rotten Borough'
    Here is a senior councillor who not only broke the rules for years but had the cheek to hijack our council resources to promote his business.
    I know where my vote is going at the election.
    A former Tory Party member

  2. I am astounded. What is the point of having rules if such a flagrant breach is overlooked? Does this mean any Councillor can now set up shop in the Members' Room with impunity? Is this what the current survey of opinion on the future of the Members' Room all about?

  3. It is stunning how the Standards Committee ridicules itself time and again by wving two fingers at the public interest

    It is a game played by Cockell and his accolytes that diminishes democracy


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