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Thursday, 30 September 2021


Hall and 'associate'

Dear Dame,

So Colin Hall is going but what about his close associate, David Chappell, and other members of the so-called leadership team? As importantly, how and who appointed Jane Farrell, the new chair of the governors?

Many parents and staff feel Messrs Hall and  Chappell should be investigated for failing the pupils and the community.
Walking away 'Scot Free' should not be an option.
Likewise, Anne Marie Carrie should not be allowed to just ride off into the sunset.
Her failure is appalling especially given her past Barnardo's role.
Other Governors are not blameless. 
They too should be subject to questioning since they failed in their duties and responsibilities.

The  letter from the newly appointed chair of governors, Jane Farrell, paying tribute to Hall’s achievements is truly  BIZARRE

In financing the building, RBKC admitted to a cost of £80million but probably nearer £100 million.
However, since its opening RBKC has had no control over the school given its Academy status.
So this puts the Secretary of State for Education in the frame for its failure and Ofsted for allowing itself to be totally misled by Hall and his cronies.

Academies, including free schools, are directly accountable to the Secretary of State for Education: all other state-funded schools are accountable to local authorities but both are inspected by Ofsted

On top of all this, there are still outstanding building and lease issues to be resolved 

  • The school has yet to agree to the formal lease for Academies and is operating under a so-called “Tenancy at Will” For any number of reasons this is totally unsatisfactory.
  • As a consequence of the problem outlined above the resolution of the liabilities that attach to certain defects in the school’s building remain to be determined,  quantified, and indeed rectified. From the last Annual report, these are set out in some detail. They are not insignificant and relate to:-
A. Potential irreparable damage to the swimming pool  
B. Structural damage to the basement 
C. Glass breakages 
D. Stone facade panels prone to falling off.

Now that the school is an Academy ultimate responsibility for the proper management rests with the Head and HPA's Governors.
Failing to rectify these serious and outstanding issues will mean liability will fall to each Governor.... personally.
Just imagine the outcry if death or serious injury to a student resulted from a falling stone facade..... especially when the problem had been known for years unrectified.

No doubt HPA's lawyers Mishcon de Reya(who don't 'do'cheap) will be looking forward to huge fees for sorting out these various messes.

But who will pay these fees? 
Don't hold your breath.... it could well be, you, the poor bloody RBKC taxpayer footing the bill!

Yours, Dear Dame...looking back in anger


  1. The writer has missed this out from a school source...

    "There is no suggestion of wrongdoing by Hall or Carrie."
    What the hell is meant by that? There has been wrong doing and for years

    A letter to parents and staff from Farrell, seen by Schools Week, reads:

    “It is with sadness that I write to you to let you know that your headteacher, Colin Hall, is retiring at the end this academic year.

    “Mr Hall has served the community of Holland Park School for twenty-one years, with many accolades to the school’s name in that time.”

    It said Hall’s contribution would be celebrated at the end of the year.
    No doubt everybody will be 'celebrating' his departure!

  2. Nothing wrong with the original swimming pool - I learnt to swim in it. And why did no one from the local community ever use the new one as mandated in the planning permission?

  3. Retired Head Master30 September 2021 at 10:59

    Why the hell should you....I really don't want ordinary people swimming in our lovely new pool when Mr Chappell and I are swimming in the nude. What an idea? Back in your box 10:42

    1. My brother went to Solihull School in 1951. Brigadier Harry Butler Hitchens, the new headmaster, had set about transforming it from a Grammar School into a Public School - he renamed all the buildings and open spaces/games fields with pseudo Eton names like 'Great Quad', renamed prefects 'Benchers', renamed the forms things like 'Remove', and 'Shell'. He managed to get into the Headmaster's Conference. But when he proposed that all the boys should swim in the nude, as "that's what Public School boys did" it was a step too far, and there was a revolt.

      5 or so years afterwards he committed suicide rather than face trial for importuning a policeman in a Rugby public toilet.

  4. What does this disaster mean for the students.
    They need our help and support
    Maybe RBKC should step in and organise a high quality educational “hit" team that could fill the gap left by Hall and ensure the educational and allied needs of the of the students(which after all is what HPS is all abour) continue and flourish.

    How about signing up super strict Katherine Birbalsingh?

    .Given the debate about the privileged charity status of so called Public Schools there could also be a role and opportunity for them to step in and help. Such a decision would be a powerful and positive message from a sector that has its fair share of critics not least from the likes of ex HPS student Polly Toynbee!
    Dame does not want to stand accused of only being interested in publicising the Hall problems and not worrying about the students , their welfare and their educational needs.

  5. Kensington Resident30 September 2021 at 11:57

    The Governors have done the right thing. Some of us locals saw through Hall from the beginning. A nasty bit of work. And put in place by the Town Hall gay mafia.

    But the school needs a clean sweep. Chappell is probably harmless without his mentor. But who knows. He also needs to be retired.

    1. Just who is in the "Town Hall gay mafia?"

      Anyone who thinks there is gay power in People's Hall Kensington is daft.

    2. and why is it not on Netflix?!!!!

  6. Retired Chief Executive30 September 2021 at 13:46

    The new Chairman of the Board of Governors, Jane Farrell, is reported to be an organisation "culture expert". And Headmaster Hall has been in post for 21 years.

    My observation is very simple. Mr Hall took over a failing school and recovered ground quickly. Those of us who have run organsations know that "start up" managers never make good "steady state" managers once a new organisation is in place. Boards often find it difficult to make the required changes because of a misplaced sense of loyalty to those who worked hard to fix the problem. Today's culture requires extensive and exhausting "box ticking" and PC tip toeing. And "old boy" Boards frequently lose the plot.

    Twenty one years is a ridiculous period of office for the Headmaster in this circumstance. If Farrell is up to it, booting out Hall is only the first small step. She needs to refashion the Board too.

    As for the Town Hall carrying out a "review" - I would not hold your breath.


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