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Thursday 20 August 2020


There will be a full council meeting on 23rd September discussing the Royal Brompton Hospital proposed closure.

Let us hope that there will be all-party consensus in opposing the closure. 

Kim Taylor-Smith, RBKC Deputy Leader of the Council,

Wed 19th Aug 2020

“As one of the councillors for Stanley Ward, I am acutely aware of the importance of having a world-class hospital at the heart of our community and I oppose the closure and relocation of the Royal Brompton.


The sale and potential redevelopment of the site would rob our residents of easy access to vital healthcare and would have a hugely negative impact on the local economy through lost jobs and services.


The Brompton should not be for sale and I will not stand by and watch this prestigious institution removed from our borough”.

Rev. Dr Brian Leathard, Rector, St.Luke's Church,

Thurs, 6th August 2020:

“In the Parish of Chelsea we hugely value the presence of The Royal Brompton Hospital. It brings world-class medicine, outstanding care, jobs, visitors and abundant life into a vibrant neighbourhood. We need the Brompton's life not more luxury apartments. The proximity of St Luke's as neighbour, sharing Sydney Street brings huge mutual benefit. The Brompton Hospital belongs in Chelsea, it is part of Chelsea's DNA”

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