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Thursday, 15 September 2016


In March, young Rocky Feilding Mellen took himself off to Cannes.
Nothing wrong with that. 
In the 'old days' the Dame herself was a frequent visitor to that den of depravity and Russian 'ladies of the night'.

Every year, in March all the international property big shots descend on Cannes for a few days of cocaine and Dom Perignon fuelled debauchery plus shadowy property deals in dark corners.
Yes, it all sounds quite squalid.

But, the old Dame's simple mind wanders. What she wants to know is this. 

  • Did Rocky's visit to Cannes coincide with MPIM
  • If he went to the shindig did he go under his own steam,
  • If he didn't who paid
  • Who did he meet and was Royal Borough business discussed


  1. Cannot understand why Paget-Brown continues to have Mellen in the Cabinet. An accident waiting to happen

  2. Cllr Mellen needs to clear this up fast. He should blog and tell us why he was in Cannes on a paid for trip (with perks and entertainment) by London Property Developers.

    If it is all a hoax by the Dame, then he should make this clear.


    1. Cllr Fielding-Mellen owns a company that advises developers on how to "work" the planning systems of local Government.

      Cllr Mellen is also the property development supremo of Kensington and Chelsea and is a member of the Cabinet. A good vantage point and great sales promotion material for his consultancy company.

      Did I hear the hackneyed term "conflict of interest?"

  3. This story, if true, is shocking.

  4. It is out of order for the Deputy Leader of K&C to attend a property development conference in Cannes

    It was wrong for the Councillor to receive gifts, freebies and inducements at this Conference.

    It is wrong to conceal these benefits from the Register of Interests.

    It is wrong for Cllr Paget-Brown, Leader, to tolerate this behaviour. The Dame has brought the matter to his attention

    1. Rock is following the example of his dear friend and mentor, disgraced ex Leader Cllr Cockle

      Squeak, squeak

  5. The Deputy Leader delivers no experience of life or wisdom to residents of the Royal Borough. Because he has none. He delivers no planning experience to property developers because his consultancy company has no clients.



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