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Thursday, 15 September 2016


Still on the subject of Rocky....the Dame sees his new best friend is an obese looking property pr man by the name of Mr Bingle. Bingle likes to boast that he advises clients how to 'engage' with central and local government.
Uggh!...multi-chin man

Why on earth would Rocky need to 'engage' over lunch with this gross looking fatso and..... who paid?

Bungle is also a mate of Danny Boys Moylan......

The point is this.....
What possible reason could Bungle have for wishing to meet young Rocky? 
It is absolutely wrong for a Cabinet member, handling sensitive RBKC property issues, to be meeting the likes of Bungle.
If such meets take place a senior council officer should be present and a record of the meeting put on the record-just as would happen were it a government minister.
After all, funny biz could have been discussed.....


  1. These guys never learn. It continues to build the perception that they are in it for themselves and do not have the slightest interest in serving the residents of Kensington and Chelsea.

    Clrr Rock Mellen is foolish, venal and self serving. Also a bit of a squeaky twit

  2. This is quite shocking and Cllr RFM should declare this meeting on his register of interests, including the purpose of the meeting and why no officer was present.

  3. It is absolutely not acceptable for the Deputy Leader of Kensington & Chelsea, the leading hotbed for property developers in London, to allow himself to be wined and dined by property developers and their PR agents in Cannes. And to have his conference tickets (£800) paid for.

    There is no declaration in Members Interests (last completed by Cllr Mellen on 14/3/16).

    The Dames expose requires an FOI to answer the questions put by the Dame.

    1. Cllr Mellen might like to save Officers time and money by dropping a line to the Dame, or blogging on the Hornet, to clarify matters. His comments would be most welcome.

  4. Piggy. Pull Your Finger Out17 September 2016 at 09:45

    Rock is multitasking. Drawing a Councillor allowance from K&C ratepayers which gives credibility to his company (one full time employee - Rocky) that offers local planning advice.

    Promoting his services to the property world as a "local planning expert" and parading as a Cabinet Member of the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea

    Socially Conscious Capital (Rock's one man band) is still struggling after many years and fails to make a profit. Apart from mummy's stipend and his Deputy Leader's salary (£70k) Rock has no other income. In these circumstances the temptations are great.

  5. As Terese May lectured to the OE set "politics is not a game", aimed at Cameron and Johnson, a similar advice to Clrr Fielding-Mellen is appropriate

  6. This is another giant spoof by the Dame, attacking her enemy Cllr Fielding-Mellen. Mr Bingle is a fictional character, a flying snowman. The Dame should not abuse the trust placed in her by her loyal followers

    1. If, only it was a spoof.

      Sadly, the likes of Mr Bingle do exist. In fact, Mr B worked for Tim Bell, a consultant who had no qualms burnishing the image of some very bad men.
      Bingle does not believe he and colleagues should be forced to disclose their client has to wonder why.

  7. Lobbyists, like Rock and Danny Boys's mate, Bingle Bungle, are called lobbyists because they lob money at people

  8. The Dame ought also to shine a light on Rocky's relationships with the architects that seem to win contracts in the borough time and again.



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