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Thursday, 17 February 2011

More say = More of the same

What better way to destroy the character of local areas, that give local politicians more say over planning applications.

As Private Eye rightly points out this week, here in the rotten borough we have seen those ghastly bee hives (Hornets is much better) around Sloane Square and Earls Court, the proposed monstrosity by Brompton Cemetry, the abortive efforts around Sloane Square, and the redevelopment of the Commonwealth Institute to name but a few.

Of course the Great Architect himself can see nothing wrong with all this wanton destruction!

Up by Portobello, what used to be Lipka's arcade of antique stalls. In 2004, a developer, Warren Todd, applied to restore and alter the buildings. The Ladbroke Association and others objected as the arcades were to be replaced by individual shops. A revised application received approval, partly because of an undertaking to retain an area for stalls on the lower ground floor. But when the scaffolding came down, the buildings had been crudely altered - partly without proper planning permission - and the lower floors were entirely occupied by the clothing chain All Saints, whose idea of style is to fill pathetic new neo-Victorian shopfronts with old sewing machines. The supporters of the Portobello market petitioned the council, asking for the developer to keep his promise. But as RBKC pointed out, planning legislation does not permit local authorities to specify the type of retail use once permission is granted.

Do you honestly believe, with all the history they have those who currently control the planning department will actually protect our boroughs beloved heritage if they had more of a say....?

No prizes for any philistines who suggest otherwise...

1 comment:

  1. it would be interesting to understand the Great Architect. It as if he hates, and does not understand, our Borough and it's special charm.
    If he wants to experiment with his pretentious ideas why not go and live in some anonymous superb or better still b*****r off back to his hometown. Birmingham.
    Maybe we all snobs here but better that than being a 'barbarian at our gates'- which is what Moylan is


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