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Friday, 25 February 2011

Daily Express readers only ever have good luck-Lord Beaverbrook

Dame Hornet has received a plaintive message from a councillor.

Evidently, the Press Office whose task is to produce the aptly titled Royal Borer (despite the pleas of Big Eric to banish these Pravda's from council budgets) also has another job to justify it's £3.2 million annual budget.

Anyway, this 'renegade' has said that Rotten Borough councillors get a summary of press comment drawn from the national media, and referring to goings on in RBKC.

Our councillor friend tells the Dame that none of the press comment( and there has been loads) critical, or commenting upon Sir Cockell's vast allowances,expenses or lousy decisions seems to get included in the press digest.

Further enquiries reveal that the chap in the Councils PR Team has been given instructions that only good news concerning Sir Cockle is published. That is why the the less media savvy councillors rarely see that their Leader figures with regularity in the Daily Telegraph, the Daily Mail, The London Standard or Lord Gnome's organ Private Eye.

Now some may call this crude censorship: others doubtless prefer  to see it as the role of a timid apparatchik.

Lord Beaverbrook was once asked why all the Daily Express astrology forecasts were so cheerful:his reply? "Daily Express readers only ever have good luck". Seems like Sir Cockle only gets good coverage-and that in his fan sheet, the Borer !


  1. Now lets think this out will Mr Pickles be using his ministry PR department to say he was useless on BBC Question Time - I think not. So Why should the leader of any council? - the drivel you write

  2. 'Council business belongs out in the open, where residents can keep a close eye'.
    Cllr Cockell.

    Clearly this is a case of 'do as I say-not d as I do. Methinks Sir Cockle
    is a hypocrite. Come on...why the crude cenorship

  3. hahaha so in other words you are agreeing that Cockle is useless? But to compare the leader of a little local council, with the Secretary of State of a major Government office is really bizarre:you could not make it up, as my friend Bassa Phelps would say.
    So we are expected, as residents, to pay for the £3 million plus a year communications budget so as NOT to hear of Cockle's blunders. Driveller, you are very dangerously detached-like your fellow cllrs- from any sort of reality

  4. Interesting how excited 16:42 aka known as MP Driveller gets about a straightforward, factual report.
    You see driveller, when you have a press circulation list it is meant to be exactly that: a way for cllrs can see how the outside world percieve the council-got it now?


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