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Thursday, 17 February 2011

And then there were three....

Until September 2009 the rotten borough was LibDem free, at least, after Ms Kingsleys brief flirtation in the early 2000's. Carol Caruana defeated the Labour and Tory candidate in the Colville by election, gaining more votes than both those two added together.

Fast forward to May 2010, and we see another one dump the sitting Labour councillor out of Colville, and of course the spectacular victory in Earls Court later the same year.

So now there are three.

A little bird has been squawking and it is alledged that the Leader of the LibDem group has been putting it about saying they deserve an Special Responsibility Allowance (SRA) for being Group Leader and Chief Whip of their little velour wearing band!

Hornet knows that Leader of the Opposition Cllr Blakeman who is also Chairman of a scrutiny committee is on paper in line to receive two SRA's but only takes one.

A group of three is hardly demanding, and lets face it the positions "Group Leader" and "Chief Whip" are not Ward related, they are political positions albeit ones that do attract allowances in the other groups. Must be hard work keeping those two other LibDems sitting squarely on that fence.

Maybe the new found coalition spirit between the ruling Conservatives and their junior partner will see their dreams come true and they will be given a special allowance ticket onto the gravy train. Or perhaps our LibDem readers can explain what is going on...


  1. Cllr. Judith Blakeman18 February 2011 at 11:04

    This is kind of you but I am not entitled to two SRAs. No councillor may claim more than one SRA. It would be absurd if I were paid two, I would be getting more than the Leader!

    Cllr. Judith Blakeman

  2. That's right Cllr B and we can't have anyone being paid more than the Dear Leader.

  3. I see Dear Leader got slagged off in the DT


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