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Thursday, 10 February 2011

Prudence? She left town last week...

Most readers of FTHN would know by now the proposals to merge the three boroughs of Westminster, K&C, and H&F.  To save around £35 million the boroughs will be sharing services, consolidating and rationalising, and of course that means job losses.

Its inevitable. By far the majority will go amongst the middle-management ranks, and of course those higher up the gravy train will be desperate to keep their pension pots and bonuses.

Now that got Hornet kind of wondering...

The future of the borough administratively-speaking is still unchartered waters. No one knows how this merger of so called equals is really going to pan out so why the heck is K&C planning on spending almost £3.5 million tarting up the town hall?

Dont get Hornet wrong, there aint nothing pleasant about that building, internally and externally its a monstrosity that a demolition ball could quite easily fix, but come on whats happening?

The council say its to create a workplace facility that better meets their future staff accommodation needs.

Really? Costing almost £3.5 million...

Tell that to Cllr Taylor who has seen her free trips to Cannes canned....

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