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Thursday, 10 February 2011

Menage a trois

Wisely that shrewd City hand Colin Barrow has managed to exclude Derek Myers from attempts to get his snout into the Westminster Chief Executive's trough.For Westminster that must be good news. Myers has always allowed Cockell to do what he wants-hence the extraordinary expense claims that have been allowed through.

Barrow understands the need to have a long spoon when supping with the Rotten Borough !  However, Myers has successfully landed himself upon Hammersmith and Fulham on a 'long term interim basis'(whatever, that might mean). Presumably "Del-boy" is thinking about how his mate 'Lucky' Leo Boland has managed to vaporise his post picking up close to £250k in the process-all together a cool £500k for a couple of years 'bottom resting'

Del's stratagem could be to push up his 'interim' salary to plus of £260k and then play the same trick on taxpayers in a year or two. Derek: be warned.... the Dame has her antennae on you.

What everybody is fascinated to know is how by much more Myers has manged to boost his already stupendous income of £240k a year.

It looks like this is going to be a good week for greedy Leaders and the senior management at the expense of the lower castes...

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