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Sunday, 27 February 2011

FTHN Breaks new record

Not only did FTHN break through the 40,000 readership mark last week, Tuesday saw the biggest number of visitors ever! A whopping 286 people leafed through the pages (thats 286 separate people, not 286 page views for the techno-geeks amongst you).

Despite what others may say, Cllr Moylan seems to be very popular amongst readers of this blog, as the top 5 posts most people read on that day are all about him. So at least Danny can say he is popular at something. Unfortunately for him though, its his cheesecake and DHL bills.

Dame Hornet wishes to thank all her loyal sneaks and snouts and of course you, Dear Reader for making FTHN what it is today, an important resource here in the local governance our our Dear Borough.



  1. Congratulations Dame Hornet.
    You have done more to help RBKC residents to fight th dictatorship of Cockell and Moylan all the opposition groups.
    We love you Dame!
    Dame for RBKC Mayor....

  2. I was pleased to read of Dame Hornet's success.There should be no need of her:sadly there is.
    I am a Conservative. For me Conservatism stands for certain values:in this Council I see few of those values. It is quite wrong, that on a continuing basis, residents have to fight to get their voices heard. It happens too frequently, as it has at Sloane Square, Holland Park School, the Commonwealth Institute, Portobello,
    Exhibtion Rd, et al...
    Equally, it is wrong that councillors see the Council as milch cow to support their lifestyles. In days past Conservatives saw it as an honor to serve democracy: now it seems as if it is seen as a chance to make money.
    Moderate and sensible Conservative councillors should be very wary about the influence of the Dame; she could end up threatening your seats at the next election.You should now be seriously thinking about a radical change of leadership.
    It is time Merrick Cockell retired with good grace. Earls Court and Cremorne should serve as warnings...


  3. readership of 40,000
    286 readers

    and yet a feeble 20 or so people enter your poll - the drivel you write

  4. calm down driveler and stop being such a pathetically poor loser. if you
    had half a brain you would see that the Dame was talking about a daily access of readers on a specific day.
    What is the matter with you? Have you nothing better to do than sit around all day being tedious?
    I heard that the Dame is now planning a massive leaflet drop to residents so that they can all see the benefits of the Hornet. That should worry you...

  5. Dear Dame Hornet,

    You provide a wonderful community resource which allows the liitle people pushed around by the battallions of the TMO and RBKC to have a voice. Do you know how many people viewed the pages about the TMO over the last week.


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