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Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Council has form on "Public Consultation"

What can you do with someone who believes themselves to be right. There is simply no telling them.

The brave chaps in the north of the borough battling to save their community resources from the imposition of an Academy School know only too well how this council pay scant lip service to consultation and public participation.

The proposal for the new school would see community spaces and resources bulldozed to make way for the super school in the north of the borough, and critically the public meeting held to consider the proposals  the very people it would affect most were not invited to attend!

Hornet has reported on this before, and thanks to a little squirrel, has been reminded the council previously were rapped for their poor attempt at pubic consultation.

The plucky people up in Campden Hill Residents Association successfully had the council penalised by the then Labour governments local government minister when they pulled out of an inquiry into its plan to redevelop Holland Park School at the 11th hour, resulting in the CHRA incurring thousands of pounds of costs.

So it seems the council isnt afraid to use their old tactics again, perhaps safe in the knowledge that a Coalition Government Minister won't dare to come down against them and order them to pay compensation.

....or will it?

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