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Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Hornet Campaign §1

Residents of K&C, you have read in earlier posts the proposed budget reductions and how services some would consider frivolous others rely on face cuts or complete funding removal.

There are no budgetary proposals to freeze councillor allowances, let alone reduce them.

Instead, community groups face funding cuts and closures,  and council staff face salary freezes, and benefit reductions.

Hornet believes that its not fair hard working council staff and council services people rely on bear the load, our overpaid and underworked councillors should be in the pot and be seen to take the lead.

Simply copy this message and send it to your local councillor and to the Dear Leader, using this email address:


Dear Councillors

I do not think it is fair that the council staff and community groups bear the brunt of the cuts in the wake of the financial situation.

I believe that Councillors should also shoulder some of the burden and you should reduce your allowances by at least 25%.

Please will you make the necessary steps to have this brought into the budget framework in time for the next financial year.

Thank you


  1. Hi hornet, just found out about your blog. V interesting stuff and you air the thoughts of many in my team. you think they (councillors et al) will ever listen to public or indeed staff views?

  2. Thanks Anon, glad you enjoy it. Of course not, just like Mubarak doesnt listen to the protestors.... yet...

  3. BTW I'm not the other anon, promise. ;)


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