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Sunday, 27 February 2011

Members Allowances Scheme

The council are proposing to adopt the recommendations of the Independent Panel that recommends what Councillors should be awarded each year.

The clue is in the question.

Its a recommendation.

So lets see some solidarity with those people in the borough of the private sector who have lost their jobs or seen their income fall - or those in the public sector at risk of redundancy through budget cuts, or have their salaries frozen or fall due to reduced hours.

Ditch the councillor pay recommendations, and cut them in half.


  1. I intend to ensure that Eric Pickles and Conservative Home see the result of these deliberations. The dame is right...halve them!

  2. The problem is that halving the allowance-or worse will cause the Leader huge financial distress as he relies upon it to feed himself. Equally, his deputy DannyBoy needs it to maintain his sybaritic lifestyle in the dulcet tropical climes of Thailand

  3. has anyone noticed that whenever there is a rude comment about Sir Cockle and the clique's largesse to themselves, via their disgustingly large allowances, the Driveller (aka known as the mad sycophant Cllr Lofty) is nowhere to be seen?


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