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Thursday, 10 February 2011

Costly PR Exercise

Puffing up Dear Leader and his 'works' is something that costs Rotten Boroughites a vast amount of money.

Aggrandising Dear Leader and his works cost close to £3.2 million including the Royal Borer
newspaper. Publication of this p**s poor garbage continues despite the desperate entreaties of Eric Pickles that councils should cease publication: after all most of the copies end up in the orange recycling bags adding further to council costs.

The Dame, who has had many years in industry, can think of no major company that spends such a vast amount to such little effect.

In all the merger fanfare nothing much has been said about how we can benefit from the deconstructing the
PR Department and it's appendages. Talk of merging with H&F may or may not be wide of the mark but now is the perfect moment to evaluate what exactly the RBKC in house PR department 'does'. The majority opinion would be that it 'does' nothing except waste prodigious amounts of money: money that could be diverted to proper front line services.

But of course this is unlikely to happen- there's nothing Sir Cockle likes more than being 'puffed up'

Unless of course, dear reader, you think different....?

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