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Sunday, 27 February 2011

Going through the Motions

Oh Dear.

A few days back Hornet gave you, dear reader, some information about the up and coming council meeting, specifically the Labour sponsored motion over compensation packages and the localism bill.

Hornet got it wrong.

She said the motion proposed by Cllr Foreman was to have councillors review the pay awards of senior officers if the pay was over £100,000 but in fact it is also to review the remuneration of officers and councillors who receive over this amount from any public sector source.

If Cllr Caruana of the LibDems had her way, maybe in her wildest dreams her begging bowl for coppers would propel her to be included in this review also.

With his two faces, TfL and RBKC Cllr Moylan will be included in this, as will Cllr Cockle and a few others.

Thats probably the reason why the sheep bleating behind them will of course vote this motion down.

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