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Sunday, 13 February 2011

Hornet 1 Wedge 0

Not long after being lambasted here on FTHN, we see the council, belatedly, pushing out a double page spread in The Royal Borer of where you can use your Wedge Card.

For those who dont know about this card, its like a Discount Card that you produce when you use local shops and those in the scheme give you a discount, or a special offer or something similar.

Of course it doesnt come free, it costs £10 per year for the card, and the council have pumped almost £200,000 of taxpayers money into the scheme to get it up and running.

Despite what you, dear reader may think, Hornet wishes the Wedge Card to be a success. Otherwise its just more money poured down the drain.


  1. Despite its best efforts the Wedge card will never help those who need it most. Many customers in the north of the borough say, 'I see you have the Wedge symbol, however I will pay full price as I know you need it'. So, a mixed blessing, and it will not survive the next 12 months.

  2. The Council does the very thing that will threatens the lifeblood of the small shopkeeper: it jacks up parking charges to such a level that customers
    desert the Borough and it's commerce.
    The Wedge has been a waste of taxpayer's money.


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