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Saturday, 26 February 2011

Fly my pretties... fly.....

The last few years we have seen MP expenses come under the spotlight, and rightly so. The levels of abuse some of these chaps and chappesses descended to would have made Ian Clements blush let alone Ronnie Biggs. 

Duckhouses, moats, flagpoles, fancy mattresses, porn movies, the mother of all wigs, and the list goes on. Its an absolute disgrace when the people we elect then do what the LibDems are bleating on about at the next council meeting, in trying to milk the system of cash. Cash that belongs to the tax-payer. 

Of course the LibDems here in K&C havent done anything illegal, unlike the Tory Lord and the half dozen or so Labour MPs in the dock, been in the dock, or about to go into the dock. 

Now that got Hornet kind of wondering........

The Dame took a cursory glance at the expenses/allowances paid to our very own Lesser Spotted Malcolmus Rifkindium, and something rather interesting cropped up.

Sir M hasnt been prosecuted or faced an inquiry separate from the one all Parliamentarians were subjected to so hasnt actually broken the law or claimed anything under the then set of rules he wasnt able to. 

So what is it that Hornet has found that is so interesting, I hear you ask.

Hornet is looking at the expenses claimed for "Members Travel". This covers the transport costs of the MP between, and the stipulation is quite clear "Westminster/Home/Constituency".

Curiously it includes claims for "Air Travel" that totals over £7,000.

Now Hornet has got a black cab between the House and her hive up near Portobello on many occasions, and that cost the best part of £15 a time. To the best of her knowledge, you cant hitch a ride on a passing jumbo around the London Eye, and ask to be dropped off "wherever you can land" round by Ladbroke Grove. 

So that can only mean the reason the MP for Kensington, some 5 or so miles from Westminster has put in claims for seven grands worth of air travel, is using tax payers money to bugger off up to Scotland every now and again.

Hornet wishes her job would let her do that,


  1. do you have anything to say that is not drivel

  2. Ah its so good to have you back Driveller. Maybe in your profession you can enjoy the benefit of having sponsored travel, or even two or more homes.

    To the average Joe, the thought of being able to saunter backwards and forwards to a home the opposite end of the country, but also having a home a stones throw "from the office" would stick in ones throat.

    Of course the likes of you perhaps enjoyed an expensive education, and dont ever have to worry where the next holiday comes from, let alone meal.

    Anyway, keep taking the pills and I am glad you take the time to read the stuff.


  3. Interesting point...the Driveler just cannot stop reading the Dame so clearly he is obsessed with her wit wand writing-or has nothing else to do.
    I imagine Driveler is one well known to us and is none other than Cllr Lofty....


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