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Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Public Opinion

Congratulations Hornet; we need our councilors to be open to public scrutiny.

My present moans (I am a Grimpy Old Man) is about the curse of the sub- basement and the sub- sub basemnent developments. It is not the development but the effect of the  buildning work on neighbours, traffic flow and dirt. In spite of 2 large meetings the council drags its feet about enforcing noise restrictions, obstructions to traffic, and keeping the area clean. They could also impose a time limit on the work to stop it continueing for years and blightng the nearby houses. Incidentally 'party wall agreements are not worth the paper they are written on if the builder refuses to pay.

My other gripe is that parking tickets are being issued for cars parked adjacent a dropped pavement. There are several thousands of these in the borough and there are no notices to tell motorists that they are no longer allowed to park there.

An Interested Resident

PS / All power to your sting madam. By all means use my letter. The council should be reminded of Cameron's pledge of a Big Society in which the wishes of local people were addressed, Perhaps we will get a 'Sloane Square Revolution'.


  1. another very feeble letter from another unnamed person - I think it is Hornet with a SAE for Valentine

  2. its an opinion, of which like you, someone is entitled to hold and express.

    for the record, H does not send herself letters, or valentines. the author of the letter is out there somewhere and H respects the wishes to remain anonymous.

    if you dont you like that... ...tough!

  3. 12.43
    The author of the letter is a highly respected local resident. In fact, he is quite happy to be named:the Hornet chose not to-probably because he would have been subject to intimidation.
    I know the writer personally. He sent the letter to me for onwards transmission.
    However desperate you might feel at the resounding success of the Hornet don't make an anonymous fool of yourself with puerile and inane comments.

    Justin Downes

  4. Oh yes we know you to be a truthful man don't we

  5. 'Oh yes we know you to be a truthful man don't we'

    You are right:by any comparison with your Leader I am a paragon of veracity! But come on... instead of cowering like a coward reveal yourself and any instance that proves your point?
    No, I thought you would not care to take up the challenge, but doubtless we can guess who you are. Hornet,keep up the excellent work of exposing Merrick Cockell. It is pro bono work of the highest order!
    Justin Downes


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