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Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Designs on the Commonwealth Institute

Well known RBK&C resident Anthony Walker is an architect and chairman of Edwardes Square Scarsdale and Abingdon Association writing in The Hill Magazine he had this to say about the highly controversial development of the much loved Commonwealth Institute

"September 2009 saw a close planning decision, determined by the chairman’s casting vote, to grant consent despite unanimous opposition from both national and local conservation societies, local residents’ associations and many interested individuals. The consequent destruction of most of the listed building known as the Commonwealth Institute to house the Design Museum might be tolerable were it not for the fact that it also involves the erection of three tall, overbearing residential towers on the south side of Holland Park to finance it. This is entirely contrary to the Holland Conservation Area Statement policies.....go this link to read the article...." a&


  1. All the Borough Resident Associations should get together and form an umbrella group to combat the dictates of people like Moylan and Cockell and their crew. It could be a powerful lobby on issues of common interest like Holland Park School, The Commonwealth Institute, Exhibition Rd and the list goes on and on

  2. Under the current regime the Council planning Dept.have no intention of engaging with local communities or taking any of their views on board. Moylan is on record as saying that you don't involve communities if you want to make progress with planning. He has evidenced this perverse mantra with planning decisions at Holland Park, North Ken Academy, Commonwealth Institute, etc. The future of planning decisions in the Borough will only be safe when meaningful consultation returns and this in not going to happen with Moylan at the helm.

  3. The most disgraceful aspect of this planning vote was that Cllr Buxton Chairman of the Planning Committee cast his vote for the development, when a Chairman's casting vote is always supposed to be for the status quo -ie no approval . And the Planning Officer who bamboozled the Council and English Heritage to give approval to this appalling scheme, has now left RBKC so will not even take responsibility for the travesty.

  4. Jonathan
    Did he go like the other planning officer to the developer?I remember when we Conservatives sneered at the endemic corruption of socialist local gov regimes. Now we see it Conservative Boroughs. Come on Mr Pickles get rid of the guys who do so such damage to our integrity.Or at least don't take their self serving advice. This site is all about true Blue Tories fed up with corrupt pretend Tories.

    Justin Downes


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