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Thursday, 10 February 2011

For sale with sitting tenants

H&F, one of the bedfellows in the proposed borough merger, recently decided to flog off eight buildings in a bid to stave off financial hardship.

The fire-sale of property assets include:

  • Fulham Town Hall
  • Palingswick House
  • Distillery Lane Centre
  • 58 Bulwar Street
  • Askham Centre
  • Greswell Centre
  • The Irish Cultural Centre
  • Sands End Community Centre

Dame Hornets favourite, Cllr Greenhalgh said of the sale "We had to make a tough decision last night but we would not be able to secure a strong future and protect front-line services if we didn’t tackle our historic debt - which costs taxpayers £5million a year in interest payments to the banks. We have pledged to work with the groups who expressed an interest in buying the buildings and there will not be any quick sales to allow time for these discussions to take place

The only problem is that the buildings currently are in use, and Palingswick House is home to a host of voluntary groups so the future for them, and their clients is far from clear. Made more opaque by the interest of the West London Free School who are interested in purchasing the building.

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