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Thursday, 10 February 2011

Mayors Made for Dancin'

Being Mayor of the Right Royal Rotten Borough of Kensington and Chelsea aint no song and dance. Its a stressful job, being chauffered around in a flash motor, having doors opened for you (literally) wherever you go, and you get to wear a rather shiny necklace.

Its handy to be able to sit down in the parlour on a comfy chair, pour yourself a pint of Stella and reflect on the trappings of office.

How quaint.

Well, one of the Mayors of history can be seen de-stressing himself rather inventively, and Hornet wonders what Len Goodman and co would make of his footwork...


  1. god this is old footage cant you do something more recent

  2. clue was in the question, it clearly says one of the mayors of history.

    send a clip in of you dancing, see if you can do any better... or dont you have the soles to do it?

  3. the old ones are the best ones.
    Come on 12.33 lets some of your camp dancing efforts


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