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Thursday, 10 February 2011

Go bog at a new lav...?

You wouldnt believe it, but in this day and age when funding is being cut from voluntary groups looking after young kids, vulnerable adults, or the elderly. Libraries being earmarked for closure, staffing reductions and general gloominess all over the place a local council spends half a million pounds on two new toilets.

Yes, and its right here in K&C.

In an even bigger slap across the face to the people of the borough, the people can even choose the design of tiles to be used in the new super loos for Golborne and Portobello Road markets!

Now dont get Hornet wrong, many times wandering close to her hive she has been caught short around Portobello, and the absence of a place to spend a penny is a gross inconvenience.

But lets face it, the area has managed without one for long enough, and is it really a good idea to be spending quite so much money on this project?

The easiest answer, and unsurprisingly the least expensive, is to strike a deal with the pubs and coffee shops that are in the area and have them open up their facilities to the general public, which lets face it, is exactly what happens now albeit unofficially.

Most inconvenient.

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