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Thursday, 24 February 2011

Localism motion should be supported

Hornet has told you, dear reader, on  more than one occasion how the poshed up Town Clerk, now called Chief Executive earns more than the Prime Minister, and of course is a senior member of the "trade union" for Local Government bigwigs called Solace.

When Mr Myers first came to RBKC, after hanging up his tennis racket he told the embattled staff that "change is a comin'" and in true local government style told what was left of the staff to "go form a mutual" when considering what will happen when the three boroughs merge.

It may well be that when the boroughs hook up Myers will be able to retire to the country on a nice civil service pension, great job. And it may not necessarily be a bad thing since the new localism bill currently being considered by Parliament will see local councillors having a say on senior officers pay.

Now that got Hornet kind of wondering........

What on earth possesses any right minded individual to propose a local government official to earn more than the Prime Minister of this country? They may be well qualified, intelligent and supremely capable, but come on, the best part of a quarter of million in salary!?

Lets hope the motion being proposed by the Labour group at the next council meeting that all senior council officers earning more than £100,000 have their renumeration packages reviewed when the localism bill is finally written into statute is passed and supported by the ruling Tory majority. After all, its only right in the face of the legislation pioneered by their own party in Government.

But dont hold your breath..

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