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Monday, 28 February 2011

Phelps apologises... ...for resigning!

Interestingly,and at long last, Barry Phelps (who, in case you forgot, sent a stream of RBKC based emails of a very inappropriate nature, to a wide range of recipients) has challenged the Leader over his extremely reluctant resignation. Now dont get Hornet wrong, Phelps should have gone in her opinion, probably a few years earlier though as his "problem" was well known to the powers that be.

What Hornet is talking about here is that at last the cosiness of the Tory leadership with this errant fellow is under threat. Phelps aint gonna go quietly, and he now feels enough water has flowed under the bridge he can pop his head over the parapet and sound off against the forces that ousted him.

A Tribute Dinner to Barry Phelps to thank him for his sixteen years’ service as an Earl’s Court Ward Councillor was given on Friday evening by Earl’s Court Community Leaders. Jonathan Choat, Chairman Orpen House Residents Association, was in the Chair. Mr Choat said: “Barry served Earl’s Court from 1994 to 2010 and topped the poll in every one of the five elections he contested, increasing his share of the vote every time. That shows what he did for Earl’s Court and how much his community appreciated him.”

I should never have resigned from the Council until hearing the result of the complaint to the Police about me and when they dismissed it out of hand I should not have resigned at all. Indeed the Borough Commander, Chief Superintendent Mark Heath, asked me in personally to tell me of their conclusion. So there is no disgraced Mayor of the Royal Borough. But the pressure was intense and I was worn out. So I apologise to you and the rest of Earl’s Court for resigning and thank you and about 150 other Earl’s Courtiers for the support and kind words you have given me. Indeed not only have some 200 residents had kind words for me but I  have not had an unkind word from any of them. Similarly all the council officers I have met or emailed have also had a kind word or two for me – with just one exception." (Dame Hornet wonders whether that senior officer could have been a keen ex Hounslow tennis player....)

At the same time The ex Mayor  has challenged Sir Cockle over the perceived benefits of the proposed inter borough mergers. Interestingly the Dame has much sympathy with what he says in this respect.

However, we must never forget that Barry's folly equally caused the forced resignation of Cllr Mark Daley
It is a shame BP did not feel the need to show some sympathy for this councillor. No celebratory dinner for Daley then....


  1. Is the officer none other than Mr Myers:do you know Dame, and how do you get these scoops?
    Is this a prelude to Bazza Phelps re-engaging in the political life of the Borough as an Independent? Could be exciting, and at the same time worrying for his nemesis, Sir Cockle of the Four Seasons.

  2. Glad to know that the Earls Courtiers find nothing disgusting about an old boy sending email pictures of young boys with sexually suggestive captions. Oh well I suppose in history there have always been dirty old men with a penchant for young boy's bodies. Quite revolting but call me old fashioned.

  3. Mark Daley failed to report a fellow Councillor, Barry Phelps, for sending lewd images through the Council's e-mail system. Mark Daley's failure to report Phelps for distributing lewd images on the Royal Borough's server is disgraceful and worthy of the wrath of the right thinking; most certainly a resigning matter whatever Dame Hornet thinks to the contrary.

  4. I think you are talking drivel as to it being the the CEO - But them I know more than most your readers

  5. Driveler do you have nothing better to do than scan this site minute by minute? I know that it is a great site but your life must be so sad, so lonely, so tragic, that you do nothing but bore your wife by hogging your family computer screen.
    I loathe the expression but please-get a LIFE. RBKC have many evening classes you could take up with your discount voucher...hahahaha oh and can you find a more imaginative way of describing content-drivel is just a bit third rate prep school master terminology

  6. "But them I know more than most your readers"

    clearly, judging from this masterpiece of literacy you must be a friend of Sir Cockle ha ha

  7. As usual Driveler you are wrong. Justin Downes was reported 4 months ago as having been told by the Police that it was Derek Myers who insisted on the departure of Phelps. So stop talking tripe and drivel
    The Other Blogger

  8. "I think you are talking drivel as to it being the the CEO - But them I know more than most your readers"

    Clearly written by someone (who as an Irish fellow like Danny Moylan would say) by someone who as had ' a drop taken'. Or someone who has been at the Bentley cocktail cabinet.

  9. "The blog has known for some time about the plans for that outrageous dinner held in Phelps' honour last Friday, 25 February 2011, at Whits restaurant in Abingdon Road. We wanted to write something on the blog, even start a campaign, but other commitments from our writers prevented them from launching a campaign to highlight this appalling event and the message it sends of condoning Phelps' monstrous conduct in sending emails sexualising young boys. However, the blog's failure to campaign on this issue so far should in no way provide any encouragement to Phelps or his supporters. He can say he shouldn't have resigned but there's no way he could have survived the avalanche of complaints and adverse publicity his pervert emails would have caused, let alone Mr Justin Downes' Standards Complaint on that issue, which was only withdrawn because Phelps resigned. There was another Standards Complaint being prepared by a resident in the Borough concerning sexual harassment by Phelps and his breach of the Data Protection Act. The conduct of Phelps was subsequently apologised for by the Council in a formal complaints process, and the complaint about breaches of the Data Protection Act by Phelps was also upheld by the Information Commissioner. If he had not resigned, Phelps would have been under continuing scrutiny for his misconduct and would have brought the Council into disrepute, something even his former allies, such as Cllr Cockell, would not have tolerated. It is thoroughly unacceptable that somebody of Phelps' misconduct and reprehensible behaviour should seek to rehabilitate himself, raise his public profile, or even possibly seek public office. We believe that it is now necessary to remind residents of the Borough, and the wider public, of the scandal which occasioned Phelps' resignation concerning his disgusting emails sexualising young boys, and that such individuals in public life are unacceptable, should not be given dinners in their honour, and their past misconduct in public office must be condemned."


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