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Tuesday 8 December 2020


The Royal Brompton has some colourful 'characters' leading it.

First off is the CE, Lebanese born, Bob Bell seen here with his brace of Purdeys shooting on the Earl of T******l spread noted for its high birds.......

                                                      Bob behind the blonde bird

Then the Dame heard about the lead governor, the controverial Col Mates, one time MP and such a good friend of convicted fraudster, Asil Nadir, he gave him a watch engraved with, "Don't Let The Buggers Get You Down"

The Dame then remembered other controversies the Colonel had got emeshed with.... The Panama Papers revealed that Mates was minority shareholder of an offshore investment company named Haylandale Limited from 2005 to at least April 2010, the end of his parliamentary period, and owned four subsidiary firms from August 2007 to December 2008 for leasing and services connected to luxury properties in the Bahamas. The Colonel  had, however, previously declared that he was the remunerated Chairman of Haylandale, which undertook property development in the West Indies in the Register of Members' Interests for the period of 2005 to 2010.

                             No Mates with Hands

Evidently, Greg Hands goes apoplectic when Mates's name comes up.

Then we have corporate accident prone Baroness Morgan leading up the rear. The Dame has dealt with her previously.

What a very interesting bunch. 

Makes the excellent leadership team at the wonderful Royal Marsden look quite worthy and dull!


  1. Didn't Bob have a short time job in Toronto

    1. He did he left under a cloud. Why does the Brompton board keep giving jobs to failures

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  3. Seems to me that the fate of Europe's great Heart-Lung Hospital is in the Hands of a bunch of 1980's has-beens. Disgraced 86 year old Michael Mates would have slunk off and hidden in a hole for the rest of his life if he had any self respect. What on earth qualifies him to decide the fate of the Royal Brompton ? Having Been a patient ( which is what seems to link this shower of nonentities ) really is not a qualification to serve on a board whose task is to be a critical friend ). As for Sally Morgan - everything she touches turns to ash.
    But what l really want to know is where is Greg hands in all of this ? Is he really going to do nothing while the world famous Health Campus on Fulham Road starts to be dismantled ?
    Of course he has form in this area. He stood by and did nowt when The Charing Cross Hospital was under threat & then once , due to the efforts of others the hospital was saved he then came forward to share the glory. Come on Hands where are you on this one ? Speak up you snivelling coward

  4. Hands must know what's going on surely?
    We haven't heard a peep. Is he on Holiday ?

  5. Looking at the 'shootin' pic. Are these people living in the 1800s or are they just trying to take Hospital care back to that time ?

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