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Wednesday, 1 June 2011


The Dame rarely refers to officers-unless it happens to be local government tycoon Derek Myers-and he only gets honoured because he wields more power than Pooter. But this time The Dame is going to make an exception and send a plaudit to Mr Holgate.
FOI's into the use of the RBKC credit cards have revealed some truly bizarre claims...from holidays in Malta and Togo to Ipads and driving lessons to luxury New York boutique hotel accommodation(Pooter)
Fortunately the Borough has in it's finance director, Nicholas Holgate, someone of impeccable professional credentials. He is well liked and very well respected. But how on earth is a busy man like him expected to vet every expense? Sensibly, Mr Holgate is working on a solution, but rather than make him the gatekeeper would it not have been more intelligent to make relevant committee chairman responsible for signing off credit card charges? It could even have fallen to Big Finance Chief Light Foot....after all has he not written a tome telling us 'there is no more money left? From Pooter and Danny Boy's credit card expenses you would not believe that!
Asking an officer to vet the costs of council members entertaining their friends in luxury hotels or raiding their hotel mini bars is neither right nor fair and puts them in an invidious position.

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  1. Holgate is one of those men of integrity, at the height of his professional powers, who is caught in a nest of vipers


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