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Monday, 27 June 2011


One problem of being the Dame is that you become the focal point for the jealous and mean minded in our little community.
One such embittered, envious and twisted individual has just sent this into the Dame. Frankly, the Dame-as a Conservative- can only applaud Sir Cockle for his financial perspicacity: it is exactly that ruthless, 'winner takes all' mindset we need to help GB PLC stride the world again, striking fear into the hearts of those pathetic councillors unwilling to properly 'utilise' system.

Dear Dame

I have accessed the Local Government Association website relating to the duties of the Chairman.
I see that the Chairman, now Sir Merrick Cockell, is expected to spend 3 days a week on his duties as chairman and will receive £53,000 a year for his 3 day week. 
Obviously that is a matter for the LGA. However, I have calculated that this means that Sir Merrick will only have 2 days a week left to act as Leader of our Borough. On that basis it means that we taxpayers will end up paying him the equivalent of nearly £700 a day for his two day week. I don't suppose he will be working more than 6 hours a day so that means we are paying him £116 per hour!
I don't know how qualified the Leader is for on the RBKC website he seems unwilling to disclose his educational or professional achievements.
You could say I am mildly envious but I am surprised you have not drawn reader's attention to Sir Merrick's good fortune

Yours faithfully


I find it sad that instead of congratulating Sir M on a FIRST for our Borough you allow your envy to shine through in this mean minded/spirited way.... Let's applaud his financial acumen.


  1. Bravo Sir Merrick...
    Now that we have no manufacturing base we all need to find ways to generate income and it is good to see Sir Merrick leading the way.
    I am seriously considering getting myself elected to RBK&C as I can see lots of opportunities to move myself up in the world. Is it also true that the LGA chairmanship comes with a Lordship? I want one of those too.

  2. "I am seriously considering getting myself elected to RBK&C"

    Well we know that Justin Downes did not write that because he chickened out of standing in the Brompton by-election and last years local elections

  3. Its a rotten system - a few insiders have learnt how to use it in a ruthless and self seeking manner to boost their income, privelege and perks.

    Since forever, local Government has been the poor relation in politics - attracting the average and greedy. Out of sight and out of mind has allowed these people to fester.

    But now the exploitation and greed is truly staggering and the press and the HORNET are doing a grand job to expose this to full view.

    Change is inevitable. It will come. Long live the seekers of truth. Cockell and his type cannot be long for this world

  4. Council Tax Payer28 June 2011 at 08:12

    Yesterday I spied a cameraman, a lady PA, a photographic shade and lots of expensive equipment trundling up Hornton Street. Directing operations was Pooter himself.

    Another expensive photograph of dear Leader. These portraits come at £1000 a time. Bright sunshine, Potter with a new haircut, freshly pressed suit, a yellow tie, and up against an old brick wall. He was in his element. Simpering away at the minions.

    No doubt this was the "official" LGA portrait. Or maybe one for the file so that he is prepared for the "hall of fame" and departure from K&C which cannot be far off.

    But in these straightened times, why on earth is huge money being wasted for on vanity pics? The Press Office has dozens of Pooter pics stretching back over 14 years and beyond.

    Did K&C tax payers pay for this? Or was it the LGA?

  5. 00:06
    I seem to remember you bought this up before and Downes commented that he hardly thought standing in a local bye election against a 28 year old playboy would send him scuttling away in fear. Best to remember that the guy did start quite a few company's including Financial Dynamics. People like that are hardly frightened of coming up against a mere boy!

  6. £1,000 for a vanity picture!

    Thats equivalent to Council Tax for a whole house, for a whole family, for a whole year. This man, Cllr Cockell (Leader of K&C) has taken leave of his senses


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