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Thursday, 23 June 2011


Whoever said there was no money in local politics had clearly never examined Cllr Cockell's tax returns...
Well the Dame has and fascinating it is. Having scored just 60% of the vote at the LGA chairmanship elections Pooter is now by far and away the most richly rewarded of all UK councillors-well; apart from Danny Boy Moylan who is hard on his heels!
Currently Pooter pulls in £70,000 a year from the poor old hard done by taxpayers of RBK&C but is now about to augment that with another  £55,000 or so from the utterly useless quango the Local Government Association. What will be the reaction to those council leaders who wanted David Parsons?
Well, it is early days but the feeling is that they may not wish to continue to pay their £100,000 a year subs, some of which will end up paying the £55,000 a year, which goes towards helping Pooter pay the school fees...
The LGA state that the chairman role is a 3 day a week post so it would seem that the RBKC taxpayer will be expected to pay Pooter £70,000 a year for just two days a week! As Cockell's old ally and disgraced friend, ex Mayor Barry Phelps would say, " you could not make it up"


  1. hornet got it wrong tee hee hee

  2. oh do grow up. What is with this tee hee hee ? You sound like a school kid.
    It was always a foregone conclusion that Pooter would win and I read nothing that Hornet wrote to suggest differently.
    Pooter has no income apart from what he gets from Council so he desperately needed the LGA in order to pay the bills. How humiliating is that-having to rely on taxpayers to pay the bills. A bit like being on the dole!!

  3. This kind of pork barrel politics diminishes democracy - scroungers like Cllr Cockell on the make

    It goes to show that too many local Government appointments have little to do with ability and availabilty of time.

    How can a person like Cockell who has been working full time for K&C for £66k a year suddenly reduce his commitment to 2 days a week (and continue to take £66k) so that he can do 3 days a week at the LGA for another £55k

    It sucks

  4. A dead man in dead men's shoes

  5. Congratulations to Cockell - he's done it again! Another bad deal for K&C. The leader of the Council will only be around 2 days a week.. Wonder if Cockell will do the right thing and resign from his role at K&C? I bet he won't!


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