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Wednesday, 22 June 2011


The Dame is completely apolitical. Her mission is to expose greed and corruption wherever she finds it.It matters not a jot who the guilty party is-Labour, Lib Dem or Conservative. So if anyone can throw light on Mr R Slicker's comments the Dame would like to hear from them.  

R Slicker said...

Can we have the story about the Labour Councillor who tried to embezzle off the back of their status as a councillor - why was it covered up?


  1. could all the Labour Councillors please confirm or deny this story

  2. Dear Hornet

    I know you will not print this but I think this is the story about the reasons there was a by-election in Colville

  3. I think 23:54 you will have to be a little more specific. The Dame is endowed with superhuman attributes but she can't quite see what the story is. More detail please.


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