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Tuesday, 21 June 2011


The Dame brings an update on Pooter Cockell's LGA chairmanship ambitions.
The word on the street is that there is much envy amongst other council group leaders at the high life enjoyed by Pooter.
Whether this will stymie Pooter's chance to boost his takings to £135,000 a year plus pension remains to be seen.
As far as the Dame is concerned a vote for Pooter is a vote for a man whose record in local government is tarnished beyond repair


  1. Can we have the story about the Labour Councillor who tried to embezzle off the back of their status as a councillor - why was it covered up?

  2. R Slicker
    Give the Dame the story and it will appear but it must be true otherwise the Dame will be in trouble. Any corrupt politician needs to be fearful of the Dame's venon

  3. Ask all the Labour Councillors and tell me which ones say "do not know" and the ones that say "no comment" it was a recent story

  4. Come on Slicker - stop being a silly girl. If you have the story, spill the beans. Otherwise stop wasting space on Hornet

  5. What is it about these quangos like the LGA that the same old hacks like Cockell rotate and add to their allowances

    They peddle the same trash, indulge themselves, and add not a jot to public life. Surely the time has come for imagination, innovation and less self interest in this space?


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