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Tuesday, 7 June 2011


If you own Hill House School you can do what you will and the Royal Borough will not  hinder you. That is the impression gained by residents of Hans Place battling to halt parking chaos caused by parents leaving their cars double parked in the Borough's busiest shopping and residential area.
Cllr Nick Paget-Brown(btw it's in his ward) and teams of officers have spent hundreds of hours using every ploy to persuade the school to stop parents and chauffeurs double parking; after all it's a fact-dangerous parking endangers the lives of children and other road users, besides adding to congestion. But why have RBKC  wasted all this staff time and money?
One Hans Place resident was curious. When he saw a CEO( warden to normal people) he asked him why he was ticketing harmless 'overstays' when in front of him there was a queue of double parked cars outside Hill House School. The reaction of CEO 2270?.... "I have been told by the Council to allow them to double park".
Teams of  officers rushing around trying to stop something for which permission has been given!! You could not make it up....
Now we know that jobs have to be created but this seems a particularly incoherent way of going about it.
Residents have seen many examples of children nearly killed as drivers- visibility impaired by dangerous double parking-struggle to avoid them. Other residents complain about tailbacks caused by selfish parents blocking up Hans Place, as well as obstructing resident spaces.
Looking on blithely is the headmaster, Richard Townend. Mr Townend maintains that he cannot ask parents to cease this anti social behaviour as it might 'upset them'.He cannot even be bothered to station staff outside the school to move along those double parking.
He might care to reflect upon the wise words of his father, a man who would never have tolerated what is going on.
"Our principles are back to front," declared Colonel Townend,
We put safety first – any teacher who leaves a child unsupervised is sacked on the spot. Discipline and good manners come next.
Under his son, times and values seem different-or maybe the parents have changed....or maybe both.
CEO's have told residents that they are subjected to vile abuse when asking parents to move on. That says much about Hill House parents....
Local resident, John Slater commented “what is interesting is the 'out of school' lesson being taught: it's basically this: “my mother and father are so rich and powerful that the laws don't apply and the school seem to want our money so much they don't challenge my parents". 
What a sad lesson to be taught by a school which educated the heir to the throne, Prince Charles.
RBKC have been 'on the case' for well over a year. It has been a year replete with promises- yet no enforcement against the anarchic and selfish Hill House parents.
In simple terms it needs:
  • RBKC organising a tough regime whereby offenders are instantly ticketed, but that won't happen when CEO's are told to be lenient.
  • The headmaster, Richard Townend, doing his job and insisting parents don't double park.
  • Other local schools have staff stationed outside their schools to reduce risk to children, other road users and residents. Why not Hill House?
Clearly Hill House School believes itself far too grand to concern itself with it's neighbours: after all as Mr Townend has said, “I don't want to upset parents”!

Nick Paget-Brown is now Deputy Leader. It is time he got Hill House School to take seriously the traffic chaos it's parents selfishly generate. 
Come on Nick, do your job please.


  1. Now who can guess which local resident lives near Hill house and complains about the pupils to the councillors AND is involved in Hornet

    Quick Clue : His name is Justin Downes.

    PS The School has been been located in Hans place a great deal longer than somerset born Mr Downes - He should have realised this problem when he bought his property

  2. Norman T
    What a boringly puerile comment. So what that Justin Downes lives near Hill House School. The issues he raises are those of civic responsibility. Children's lives are endangered by dangerous double parking.
    Do you really believe that because the school has been where is is for a long time it has some God given right to encourage parents, not just to break the law, but endanger the lives of children?
    Mass double parking is a relatively new problem.In the days of Colonel Townend it would never have been allowed.
    Really you need to develop a sense of logic before making a total idiot of yourself. My advice? Read, reflect and then start typing away. You might make a little more sense.

  3. Cllr Cockell loves to hob nob with the rich and famous. Everyone knows this. Anything that might inconvenience or annoy them must be far removed from his administration.

    It is not rocket science to figure out that enforcement officers have been told to turn a blind eye to double parking Hill House mums in their 4x4s. The order from Cockell emanated from a phone call he received in 2001 from a furious mum who had just been given a ticket outside Hill House. "Do you know who I am?" she screamed.

    That was enough for Pooter - he had already wet himself

  4. hence the way he scurries off to lunch/dine with the Candy Bros, the Barclays and others keen to make money in the Borough. I bet they have a good larf at this funny little puffed up guy when he leaves. probably can't remember his name!!

  5. Find me a private school that is situated in the borough that does not have this problem at "chucking out time"

  6. All the private schools-EXCEPT Hill House have staff stationed outside at delivery and pick up times ensuring that dangerous parking is prevented.
    Parents or Chauffeurs breaking the law are reported to the HM. So why doesn't Hill House? Because they are too mean to use staff in this way.
    Time to act Mr P-B....

  7. I have been prevented from leaving a residents parking bay in Hans Place by someone double parking to pick up a child from Hill House on numerous occasions. The Baroness (the invisible Brompton Councillor) herself promised to look into this in the past but I think she's terribly busy with her other very important job in the Lords which tops up her K&C Councillor expenses...

    John Slater
    Hans Place resident (to save Norman T wasting his and everyones time!)

  8. The cars collecting the children even park on double lines and double park when there are spaces available!

  9. Campden Hill Resident7 June 2011 at 23:27

    Norman T, if Justin Downes lives in Hans Place then he obviously knows what is going on there. Or have I missed something?

    Get a life, you prat....

  10. Cllr PAget-Brown has a determined look about him. Should be more than a match for the rather feeble looking Townend

  11. And its only going to get worse. Hill House have now stopped the facility that allows younger siblings to wait for older ones so now mums in their 4x4's have to wait up to an hour and a half between school pick ups adding even more to the congestion in the area.


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