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Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Menage a Trois

Oh dear. The penny his finally dropped on both sides of the border.

Westminster, K&C and H&F as part of the "benefits" of hooking up to form the Super London Borough of Royal Kensington and Chelsea and Westminster and Hammersmith and Fulham will, over three years cut about 500 jobs. Invariably this will result in redundancies.

H&F and Westminster have over the last few years shelled out tens of millions in redundo payments following massive employee restructuring programmes, and yet these two councils will be expected to pick up 66% of the tri-borough redundancy costs under the tri-borough working arrangement.

Unlike the two neighbours, K&C which has a little under 3000 employees hasn't seen the likes of redundancies over in H&F cutting their workforce by about a fifth, down to about 2500, nor in Westminster who axed 350 of their posts to a trim 2300 staff.

K&C are expected to see their senior and middle management levels drastically reduced when the three boroughs combine efforts and many of these posts will see redundancies. Redundancy payments if they follow the existing formulae will be a weeks salary for each years service up to a maximum of thirty weeks.

The voters of H&F and Westminster didnt sign up for this, and quite rightly why should they when K&C is sat on a crock of gold valued at over £170 million!

But then the reserves Cllr Cockle so carefully guards isnt used to prevent service cuts, so why should it be wasted on redundancy packages. Perish the thought.


  1. There you have it the kind of feeble argument some labour leftie would make

  2. 'Some damned Labour Leftie'

    we have 'disgusted from Tunbridge Wells' on the it

  3. HR Professional8 June 2011 at 00:07

    If this three way merger can be used to engineer the retirement of overpaid Derek Myers (£280k) and all three Boroughs share his redundancy package (his lawyers will argue for £800k) that would be brilliant.

    Once the top pay goes, the replacement can be reset at a sensible Pickles recommended level (£100k?) and all the other first line salaries in Hornton Street can be adjusted down to more justifiable levels as well. Hammersmith is a good benchmark.

    The officials will not jump ship because there is nowhere for them to go. And they have had long enough on inflated packages for us to feel no sympathy. Absolutely no sympathy.


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