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Wednesday, 8 June 2011


The Dame is always interested in the chicanery that goes on in the world of local politics-it's a dirty business but some one has to do it....
The other day The Dames's sycophantic old butler Phelps tapped gently at her boudoir door. Entering silently he bore a silver tray upon which a blurred electioneering 'pamphlet' sat. The crudely designed missive featured 'Polo Boy' Marshall, La Baronessa 'Shriek' Ritchie and that old Nazi, Sir Oswald Mosley's direct descendant, young Louis.
"But, Phelps this is from Residents First," cried the Dame. "No, Madame" replied Phelps. "If you look carefully you will see that it has been craftily folded so that it only 'appears' to be from Residents First".
The Dame shook her head. "But why would young Mosley do such a thing?" demanded the Dame.
In his grave sententious way loyal old Phelps gave his view..."one assumes, Dame, that the young fella thought that it might encourage residents to read it- rather than the tripe that normally comes out of Chelsea Manor Street"

 One could not but wonder at the wisdom of Mr Phelps, thought the Dame....


  1. This is all very well, but lets hope that Phelps does not distribute suggestive photos of Mosley on his computer

  2. Please can we see a picture of Mosely?

  3. I am sure Ex Cllr/Mayor Barry Phelps may be able to help...

  4. It is one of the minor curiosities of K&C....

    Why is Cllr Marshall a councillor at all? What does he do? What difference has he made? Why does he never speak in council? What does he think? Can he think?

    He rides a scooter. Plays polo. Lives in a penthouse. Went to Winchester. Daddy is rich. Thats about it.

  5. Ever since Cllr Cockell started to use headhunters Tribal to find council candidates, a strange new mix of individuals is being foisted on the electorate

    Sons and grandsons of head drillers and black shirts, porn stars, the very young and inexperienced, Westminster transients...

    Time for Tribal to raise its game. Lets find some "mature" candidates who live locally, know a bit about life, and are driven to serve their fellow residents

    Ward Chairmen used to be good at this, before Cllr Cockell relegated them to organising tea parties and envelope licking

  6. 00.17, Quentin's profile is the kind of thing that Cllr Cockell feels very comfortable with

  7. 00.38, I am sad to hear this. He seems to offer very little to residents and voters. Its a huge financial overhead to carry these people as Pooter fodder.

    Contrast with Cllr Buckmaster - a hard working Ward councillor who knows hie residents and understands the issues. Of course his judgement is not always right. But his job is not a stepping stone to anything else and he has experience of life

  8. 00.24 - if you want 'mature candidates .. who know a bit about life and are driven to serve their residents' you have a great opportunity tomorrow by voting for one of the Labour candidates. Both Mark Sautter and Keith Stirling are hard-working and beyond reproach, with a solid track record of serving residents behind them.

    Yes Hornet, this is me not your infamous 'Driveller' pretending!

  9. WASP
    Are you Buffy in disguise?


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