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Saturday, 25 June 2011


The Dame is an assiduous fighter for a return to democracy and proper consultation in our Rotten Borough. Questions like should Pooter be allowed to take his 'friends' out for vastly expensive $380 dinners for two; stay in chic and expensive US hotels; indulge himself in limousine hire and take a £130,000 per annum allowance all exercise hard pressed residents. There are great examples of selflessness amongst Conservative councillors and the Dame will make Tim Ahern flush with embarrassment by citing him yet again.
Rich though Tim may be, using £40,000 of his own money to pay for the Mayoralty is an example of giving back and Cockell should learn by that example. Anyway the Dame was interested in these comments by the reader below. She has heard that Mr Le Brocquy is well known in his field so his experiment could have national ramifications.This is what his website tells the Dame...
David Le Brocquy is a graduate of Trinity College Dublin, where he had a keen interest in Politics.  He has worked for over 20 years as a management consultant, and recently became interested in the potential political power of the world-wide web.  He subscribes strongly to Dreyfus' critique of the internet as being weakened by " no consequences" anonymity, and is striving to create an environment where people demand their democratic rights,  but are willing, in exchange,  to stand up for, and deliver, their demographic obligations.
So why not go to his site?, You have nothing to lose and it will send a message to people like Tim Ahern that we want change, and we want it now. Ahern would be a cracking good leader.

David Le Brocquy said...
What if we ran a "No Confidence campaign to clear away the deadwood? It would be a serious move towards wresting back power to you, the taxpayer. If you're interested, visit, and say so. He also encourages us to check out for a place you can stand up and be counted. Share or register.


  1. I just dont believe that he can possibly be taking out that much in allowances. Please justify what you are saying. I understood he was on just £10k a year.

  2. I was interested in LeBrocquy's plans.
    The difficulty is that in a borough like K&C, the majority of us are conservative-with a large or a small C. So when we see a Leader clearly believing that he can behave as he wishes-whether claiming ludicrous expenses or overstaying his time-we are in a bit of a quandary.
    Now that he is double jobbing, and yet claiming two very substantial financial rewards, it is time for his senior colleagues to take him to one side and give him some pertinent advice.

    Justin Downes

  3. It seems a bit ripe to quote praisingly someone who 'subscribes strongly to Dreyfus' critique of the internet as being weakened by " no consequences" anonymity' when we don't know who you are. I'd like to know who it is who makes the mean-spirited remarks on this web site and pollutes my email in box with unsolicited vitriol. Will you have the courage to identify yourself? David Colver.

  4. David
    If you don't like what you receive I have some advice:
    1. Ask you friends not to forward on the Hornet.
    2. Unsubscribe.
    In this way you won't need to worry about'vitriol'
    Hope the advice is helpful

  5. David Colver is a a great supporter of Holland Park Opera. He is also very close to Pooter whom he lectures on the niceties of the world of opera.
    So it is no surprise that he considers the Dame's campaign to stop the Council wasting millions of pounds on this third rate opera company to be 'vitriolic' and 'mean spirited'. If Mr Colver wishes to enjoy the opera let him him pay for it rather than expecting residents to subsidise HPO at the expense of vital front line services.
    Until the Dame stepped in this council was about to close down Full of Life. Mr Colver, next time declare your interest in an honest and transparent way.

  6. It's good that a few people are interested, but are they willing to take action. Iwould be delighted to meet with Mr. Colver so he can get to know me, if that is of value to him. My phone number is 07799647160. I am going on vacation shortly, so time is of the essence!

  7. Mr Colver is Chairman of Holland Park Opera so it is unlikely that he would like to see regime change at the Rotten Borough: after all he depends upon handouts from the Council to keep his lossmaking opera business from collapsing into the dirt of Holland Park. No he needs our money to keep his plaything going !

  8. Mr Colver
    I have no fear of expressing my views-trenchantly,and openly.
    Others have commented on your role as chairman of Holland Park Opera: let me add to those views.
    Your Opera Company is a regular recipient of vast amounts of taxpayer funding. It may be a fine company but it is not the role of the Royal Borough to fund such cultural enterprises; particularly when the audience spectrum is not just narrow, but sufficiently affluent to provide for it's own entertainment.
    Rather than whining about being 'mean spirited' you should congratulate the Hornet on providing an alternative and well subscribed source of information for residents.
    I understand you are an economist. Surely that must make you understand that when front line services and jobs are under threat we have to haul back on fripperies. I consider spending millions on HPO a frippery.
    Understandably you have a vested interest and thus do not.
    As others have said,it would have been proper to have declared your interest as a recipient of taxpayer bounty-albeit indirectly....

  9. Given the choice of supporting art projects like the Lyric in H&F and Opera Holland Park - I congratulate Sir Merrick

  10. What a vapid comment....
    We are talking about waste at RBK&C NOT H&F. If that is your interest go to their website but don't bore us with you idiotic comparisons

  11. 21:54 you sound like a mini tin pot dictator

  12. 21:54 you sound like a mini tin pot dictator

  13. 00:25
    You sure like repeating yourself. Is it for emphasis or are you just a bit thick?


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