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Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Over 'ere me old china...

At about 4.30pm the other afternoon there was traffic chaos in Kensington High Street as a result of an accident on the West bound section of the Cromwell Road at the junction of North End Road.

The Chinese Premier, Wen Jiabao and his cavalcade (perhaps on their way to Heathrow Airport?) were completely stuck at the junction of Ken High Street and Earls Court Road when a spontaneous street protest occurred right next to the Premiers car. 

A passing cyclist realised who the occupant of the car was and positioned himself within feet of the Premier's car and started a loud and energetic "Free Tibet" chant. This protest occurred for approx 3-4 minutes and, at times, other members of the public joined the main protestor and added their own "Free Tibet" chants. 

After a short period, a person who appeared to be a member of the British security services then came and stood between the protester and the Chinese Premier's car before the cavalcade were able to move off past the Kensington Odeon. The security services did not prevent the protestor from his actions.
No sign of the Chinese security personnel who accompanied the Olympic Torch. The whole incident must have been witnessed by around 200 hundred people. Looks like Democratic protest is still alive and well on the streets of Kensington (Shame the same cant be said for either China or Horton Street).

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  1. Bet our own Dear Leader could teach Wen Jiabao a trick or two about how to feather his nest and hold onto power.


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