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Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Lessons from History

History teaches us that in the absence of democracy Leaders try to hold on to power for ever. Conservative councillors in K&C just had an opportunity to vote in a new Leader at their AGM on 16th May and give residents a much needed "refresh" in Hornton Street where Cllr Cockell is now set for a 14th year in the leader's seat. He is full of hubris, thinks he is the best thing since sliced bread, even though we know that when he thinks he has a chance to spend taxpayers money on himself and friends without our knowing, he goes for it:entertains friends at swanky restaurants in New York on Saturday night, stays at top hotels (including the SOFITEL in New York recently made famous by the ex Head of the IMF in his $3000 a night suite) and swings expenses between budgets in K&C and London Councils.But Cockell has a stranglehold on power. Leading councillors like Ahern, Paget-Brown, Coleridge let it be known that they aspire to the top job. But they bottled out after Cockell worked the system. They were too timid to stand against him when they had the chance and in the process they failed democracy and belittled the Borough.
The lame ducks have probably scuppered their chances too. Cockell has brought his new acolyte into the Cabinet, one Cllr Fielding-Mellon. He has let it be known that "Rock" would make an excellent Leader. But not yet. A little too young. Rock is up for it. Poncing around the Town Hall ruffling feathers and letting everyone know that he has arrived. Big time. Yet, like Cockell has nil business or life experience
A brilliant move by Cockell. The old guard passed over, the new boy in the frame. But not ready for a few years yet.Serves you right Ahern, Paget-Brown, Coleridge.You shot yourselves in the foot by not standing. More sadly, you failed the electorate and you failed democracy.



  1. The Council chamber and nervous system in Hornton Street is a sad sight. The odour of a decayed administration and a wasted man clinging to power.

    Time for the Conservative councillors to pull their heads out of the sand

  2. This "Rock" Mellon ruse is so easy to see through that it is an insult to the intelligence of senior Tory councillors.

    The joke is that before "Rock" was bought off he was very critical in private of Pooter and his behaviour!

  3. Dick Scratcher31 May 2011 at 23:49

    This happened on the 16th of May. OMG it is two weeks later.

    Hornet is very out of date. Must be all those Socialists that slow things down

  4. When the Dame sniffs a story she revs up her wings and goes into overdrive. Darting around to find the truth.

    It seems that "Rock" has a colourful past and a colourfull present. Stories of Ibiza, electric drills and holes in the head. You could not make it up.

    And friend of "Rock", Louis Mosely, is about to join the Conservative back benches in Hornton Street. Another little network starting there....

  5. What is needed in K&C now is a rather nasty Leader who does not need to be loved, will cut back the waste with utter ruthlessness, and restore Conservative values to a Town Hall that has lost its way.

    And some radical restructuring too, like reducing the number of councillors by 50% and bringing SRA's into line with common sense.....


  6. Moylan? Are you serious?
    This guy is hated by every councillor, bullies staff(he reduced Mr Sidiqui to tears) entertains his friends and business contacts on expenses and has stuff sent to his pleasure dome in Thailand.
    He is a bully and a disgrace to the Council. You must be 'avin a larf...

  7. 12.54, this is exactly the kind of thug that is needed to reshape Hornton Street.

    Three years of hell and then he can be got rid of

  8. I heard that "TP" Ritchie (thats Typing Pool Ritchie) is in the frame to take over from Cllr Cockell if there is an emergency

  9. I hope that Cllr "Buffy" Buckmaster is ready to cope when the scandal breaks and the current leadership in Hornton Street flies apart.

    As Chairman of the Conservatives "Buffy" is going to be tested. Currently he is all puffed up having taken his first big decision, and imposed his will, to "bring back disgaced ex councillor Mark Daley". "Mark was disgracefully treated by Pooter and Myers" he tells me.

    Well Buffy, you will shortly have an even bigger challenge to cope with and the chance to get even with trougher Cockell.

    You heard it here

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