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Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Brace yourself....

Council traffic chiefs propose to plunge the De Vere Gardens area into traffic chaos. Kensington Road will see traffic restricted to one lane in each direction, with diversions around De Vere Gardens and Victoria Road. This is to enable the developer to erect a gantry over the road to support five-storey portacabins.

No consultation, no choice, no alternative. Just this missive sent out to councillors:

The works are due to start early next month, and finally removed in early 2013, yes, three years away!

No problem? Unless you live on top of it, or round the corner from it. Works traffic, endless congestion, and utter traffic chaos.

Good job.


  1. It is a well established pattern of this council to wave two fingers at residents and bend over to please developers. I wonder why? Could it have something to do with the sky high land values in K&C? And the temptations that go along with that? Perish the thought.....

    The poor neighbours of Holland Park School have just settled into a seven year development project. Heavy lorries, pile drivers, mud, dust etc.

    Under Moylan and Cockell K&C has become a "developer friendly" council. Now that Cllr Ahern has taken over the planning brief, the WASP hears that he is determined to rebalance things in favour of residents.

    Fresh air at last....

  2. I imagine Queen's Gate residents will be able to rely on their Councillors to fight this battle for them ... oh, hang on a minute...


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