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Saturday, 4 June 2011

Danny Boy Moylan's credit card

Council credit cards are in the news thanks to the Telegraph exposee. But how many of us knew that Moylan and Cockell had personal council credit cards to allow them to 'entertain' on the tax?
It is something quite exceptional in local government circles for councillors to be have access to cards.
The only exception the Dame can think of is ex Leader of Essex County Council, 'Lord' Hanningfield. His card proved his nemesis as it allowed the prosecution to highlight it's fraudulent use.
Anyway, as he heads to to the slammer he won't have much need of it.
But let's turn again to Moylan. Now that he is no longer deputy leader or Cabinet member, or Design Champion(what a joke that job was) he should not be in possession of a council credit card. Not that he had much right to one before. So the Dame asks for any information on whether Dannyboy is still flicking it around the place, or whether Mr Holgate has done this to it


  1. What a racket! And of course these sons of bus drivers and immegrants from Johanesburg can't handle the responsibility either - they just cant resist the temptation for a little personal spending. A dinner for friends in New York, a slap up chinese at the Royal Garden Hotel.

    Ian Clements was another. Meals for his girlfriend and radios for his Jaguar. All on his GLA personal credit card.

    They never learn....

  2. Ian Clements was found guilty in a Court of law for fiddling his expenses. And he got fired by the Mayor of London from his post as Deputy Mayor

    Odious little man

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