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Tuesday, 28 June 2011


The Dame brings you these words of wisdom from Pooter in his  role as chairman of the totally useless LGA QUANGO
Hilariously, Pooter talks about the erosion of 'our public reputation' and the 'corrosive impact that can have upon the trust that people place in us as councillors and councils'
Can this mean that Pooter is at last accepting that it is not such a smart idea to go out and buy £100,000 plus Bentleys for his use: First Class hotels;Virgin Upper Class flights and $380 dinners for two and £130,000 a year allowances(his).

He talks about 'the damaging times he has endured'....he should try to get a proper job in industry, but of course no one would pay him the 'wedge' he is grabbing now!

'He will also say he wants to broaden the range of people who stand to become councillors, in order to strengthen local democracy.'
Last time he did that he only just avoided recruiting an ex porn star as Conservative candidate for Brompton!

'Lose faith'
Meanwhile, speaking at the conference in Birmingham later, new LGA leader Sir Merrick Cockell will call for an end to battles between councils and ministers over spending cuts and say both sides must not "casually allow each other's reputation to be trashed".

In response to that, many councils have unveiled plans to reduce services in order to save money - in some cases drawing considerable protests from local people.
But ministers have insisted that much of the money can be saved by slashing waste and senior staff salaries.
Sir Merrick, who is replacing Margaret Eaton as chairman of the LGA, will say that the last 12 months have been "very difficult and, at times, very damaging" for council leaders, with their working lives dominated by tough decisions about spending restraint.
"Like me, you will have seen an erosion of our public reputation and the corrosive impact that can have upon the trust that people place in us as councillors and councils," he will say.
"We have to remind some ministers that if we casually allow each other's reputation to be trashed, then the public will not just lose faith in local government any more than it loses faith in central government - it will lose faith in all of us."


  1. With Cockell's reputation for digging into the K&C pigyy bank to have a good time, at home and abroad, and especially abroad.....

    these words are hypocricy of a very high order

    In fact they sound pathological. The man seems totally unaware of the damage that he has done to the democratic system

  2. I look forward to being able to write two words on the Hornet blog...

    "Good Riddance"

  3. who to Downes or Dent Coad?

  4. I hope not Downes.This guy has been instrumental in exposing the undemocratic ways of the Council. You may not like him but remember without him Cockell would still be spending OUR money on very debatable expenses.It is also Downes who exposed the Ex Mayor and Cockell confidant for sending out email images of very young boys. So we need people like him who have the guts to pinpoint wrongdoing.

  5. Not only has Downes exposed wrong doing, but there is currently no evidence of personal expense abuse by Cllr Cockell that the WASP has been able to uncover.

    Downe's efforts have changed behaviour and saved tax payers money. Cockell and Myers know that they are being watched.

    A pity that standards of personal behaviour, honesty and integrity slipped so badly in Honton Street


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