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Wednesday, 22 June 2011


The Dame likes a bit of culture like the next poseur but she does not need a Culture Team to help her find it. She wants her Council Tax to go on the necessities rather than idiotic initiatives to make Pooter Cockell feel he is some sort of Medici like Patron of the Arts. Already taxpayers are supporting Holland Park Opera to the tune of nearly £1 million a year when all around us basic frontline services are under threat. So when the Dame got this curious piece of pretentious nonsense through the hive hole her beedy eyes caught the little tag....RBKC Culture Team. Another example of how priorities are decided upon in a Borough quite out of touch with the realities of the daily lives of residents.
Residents in this Borough are probably the most sophisticated of any Borough in the land. They have no need of a hugely expensive 'Culture Team' to educate them. Let us focus our resources on the essentials: the sick, the elderly and the needy. We do not NEED a Culture Team....scrap it and use the money to some proper purpose.....

For the first time in a decade the iconic Commonwealth Institute Building re-opens to a dazzling array of rising stars from Rambert Dance Company, Opera Holland Park, the London Contemporary Orchestra and others.
15th – 17th July
Commonwealth Institute Building
High Street Kensington | map
COMMON SOUNDS: Touching the Void
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  1. I would definitely like to know how much we are wasting on this. I have to say we need the Hornet to keep an eye on this wasteful and pretentious council. Focus on the roads "Cockell the Clown"

    Abingdon Villas Resident

  2. AHA - you are unmasked - that email was sent to "donald cameron" - is it time to fess up who you are?

  3. It is absolutely stunning that three years into a recession K&C council is spending money and organising dance groups in the Commonwealth Center. This is private sector territory. A Conservative administration that dabbles in this kind of thing has taken leave of its senses.

    No political judgement whatsoever. But then we know this. In the same week that Generals of the Army moved from First Class travel to Second,in order to save money at a time of recession, the good councillors of K&C voted themselves the luxury of First Class travel.

    Jumped up lot....

  4. This story goes to show that Cllr Cockell has lost it


  5. Dame Hornet receives massive amounts of information from all and sundry. She gets excellently thought through comments from Mr Cameron. Mr Cameron was responsible for exposing Pooter's use of the Bentley; 5 star hotels and greedy dinners with unnamed friends.
    Keep them coming Donald Cameron. We need more champions of democracy such as you.

  6. Donald Cameron24 June 2011 at 07:36

    Play the ball, 20.10, not the man. And your Council Tax might come down


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