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Tuesday, 7 June 2011

How low can you go?

A friend of the Dame has reported a particularly unpleasant con and it works like this...

The friend is elderly and very vulnerable. She received a phone call from some 'tosser' saying he was from the Office of Fair Trading and that she was due a cheque for £4,760 and what time could the courier come and deliver. She was surprised and delighted(thinking it was some sort of tax rebate) and told them 5.00pm would suit. At this the low life said that she would need £190 to pay VAT...

When she said she did not have it 'the low life' suggested she go to the cashpoint.

Luckily she began to sense danger. So we should all be warning our vulnerable and elderly friends that these brutes have found one more vicious trick to play on the weak and old.

Please circulate

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